Philipp is an innovation, transformation, trust and digital strategy pioneer, intrapreneur and trailblazing innovation practitioner focusing on Fintech and Insurtech in Asia. He specialises in digital value proposition design, innovation strategy, trust strategy and design thinking – and is one of Asia’s youngest #changemakers.

Philipp brings a fusion of innovation, business strategy, design thinking, value proposition design, business model and branding expertise, making him a Swiss army knife for innovation. He is a prominent voice on innovation topics across conferences and publications (such as Economist Intelligence Unit, Techsauce Summit, e27, Insurance Business, Marketing Magazine, Esquire, TheNewSavvy). Fuelled by a mix of logic, intuition, analysis and creativity he proposes transformation founded on deep human insight — synthesising complex inputs into simple, beautiful solutions.

Over a decade his whirlwind career spanning eclectic innovation roles and ecosystems shaped the future of startups, corporates and the public sector. He joined FutureBrand as its first innovation hire in Asia, became founding member of LumenLab, MetLife’s first global R&D hub, then joined Manulife to drive innovation strategy and delivery across Asia. Philipp also helped some of Singapore’s major start-up success stories unfold and authored a book on how digital trusted intermediaries and the startups behind them are reshaping society. For the past 11 years, he has been actively taking innovation engagements from a global clientele.

Philipp has passionate interest in shaping the future of Fintech and Insurtech in Asia — as a bridge between corporates, start-ups and customers. His work routinely involves key emerging technology falling under the umbrella of AI and Blockchain applications. Philipp is a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, KAIROS Fellow and alum of the d-school, the world’s leading design thinking programme.

Leisurely, Philipp is a yogi, sailor and model.