Philipp’s award-winning rhetoric captivates and inspires. He has been invited to speak at major conferences and executive meetings in Singapore, Berlin, Frankfurt, Colombo, Tokyo, Bangkok, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. His highly energetic, inspirational and evocative style engages audiences while weaving in practical examples and chunky facts every step of the way, making it ideal for keynotes that set the scene with fervour.

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What others have to say:

“A most excellent presentation…”
– Louis Lim, PBM, Partner, William Poh & Louis Lim

“A most professional presentation…”
– Garry Browne, CEO, Stuart Alexander & Co

“A fantastic presentation…”
– Simon Costello, Managing Director,

“Your presentation was amazing.”
– Mildred Ang, Marketing Manager, Terapinn

“Unique presentation. Totally different. The pictures tell so many stories and being connected to your headlines on each ppt slide, make it an even more stronger message.”
– Sabam Hutajulu, CEO, Tugu Pratama Indonesia

“Your presentation was very outstanding”
– Chartchai Panichewa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ThaiSri

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