8 Ways COVID-19 Changed My Day

Like many of us, I am a little bit over my extended homestay experience. So then, in with the sarcasm.

Really though, life has been great! See why for yourself:

1. I spend more time working and less time packing, jetting, checking in/out and waiting. To all my clients, thank you for your sustained trust and virtual business (seriously!)

2. I watched every Netflix series I ever wanted to watch.

3. I can have a zoom call with my favourite monkey onsen background. I guess that qualifies as making most of the times. Maybe.

4. I finally have time to clean parts of the apartment that get roughly as much attention from me as spam e-mails from fake princes, which makes me feel quite accomplished.

5. I switched to non-travel-size toiletries.

6. I look forward to grocery shopping, and taking a walk. I think I am a dog now.

7. I dramatically upped my chef game. Few people know I interned with a Michelin-star chef 15 years ago. Time to bring out those dormant skills.

8. I became bizarrely nocturnal. Maybe that’s my body virtually travelling timezones.

Stay healthy, safe and well. Most of all, keep up the good spirits!

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