Philipp is perhaps best known as organiser of DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore, the island’s preeminent after work social for eclectic crowds from the start-up scene and beyond to make meaningful connections in a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. DrinkEntrepreneurs partners with big names and leading entrepreneurial and entertainment communities such as HUB Singapore, The Working Capitol, WeWork and Zouk, hosting events every few weeks.

Meet great people at DrinkEntrepreneurs, the rest is up to you! DrinkEntrepreneurs believes life is about making great human connections. We’re Asia’s most relaxed #afterwork social for the start-up scene and beyond. DrinkEntrepreneurs partners with big names like HUB Singapore, The Working Capitol, WeWork and Zouk. In 2013, DrinkEntrepreneurs pioneered its free flowing open-format event – without presentations, name tags or hard-coded agenda – in Singapore and was nothing short of a revolution in the local events scene. Ever since, the unique recipe and draw of DrinkEntrepreneurs has been ubiquitously emulated. Until today, few events can boast stronger word of mouth, or a more loyal following. Interested in attending? This is the event page.

After some years it was time to refresh the look and feel of our intro video. Here it is: