I remind businesses what matters and how to keep it relevant in the digital age which means understanding that trust shapes human relationships and therefore our world.


Like the laws of nature embracing trust is better than ignoring it and properly understanding it is golden. This is where I come in to help you innovate and transform showing you that you already have all it takes: You and every other human in the world are built to trust and thrive. When we place our trust in the right behaviours and ideas we create a better future which is simply the sum of all human decisions.

Innovation is my DNA since my father started one of Germany’s most successful innovation foundries in 1976. I’ve continued the legacy as a brainchild behind some of Asia’s most interesting digital businesses and Fortune 500 innovation initiatives before focusing my attention on sharing this impactful voice with the world. Enabling everyone to be optimistic in the digital age and benefit from our global progress is a mission close to my heart. This is why I am booked around the globe to share my passion and tools with tens of thousands and you.


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