Looking for professional keynote speakers Singapore experienced and booked many times? Philipp Kristian is a name that keeps coming up.

A rising star on local and global stages, Singapore keynote speaker Philipp Kristian is an international futurist and conference speaker, entrepreneur and author, famous for his expertise in amplifying creativity, transformation, innovation, leadership and trust. From Southeast Asia to the Americas, Middle East to Europe, Philipp galvanises and advises audiences on how to unleash their potential, innovate effectively, become more trusted, be much more creative and adapt better to change.
With a Cum Laude degree in international business, honours programme in qualitative marketing research, a design thinking qualification from the famous d-school and mandate as an executive education lecturer on innovation and corporate transformation, Philipp draws on academic rigour to back his narrative and deliver the goods with and for his clientele. This makes Philipp a highly skilled teacher, storyteller, innovator and trailblazer trusted by conference producers, event organisers and C-suites alike. His distinction as a TEDx speaker in Singapore further contributes to his ability to deliver quality content and stage presence at any conference in Singapore and beyond.
Over the past decade years he has travelled all around the world world. Based in Singapore with frequent keynotes in Europe, Australia, the United States and Asia Pacific, he brings personal, entertaining and highly insightful keynotes to corporates and individual audiences. Audiences have a great diverse range of professional backgrounds, which Philipp caters to meticulously drawing on his eclectic cross-industry expertise with deep knowledge in financial services, technology, information systems, data, telecommunications and media in particular.
Working with and contributing to highly regarded multinational organisations and brands such as Microsoft, EX, AIIB, Facebook, Prudential, World Economic Forum, Economist, the German Federal Government, SG Innovate and many  others, he aims to make an individual difference to people on a great scale. This also includes highly effective 1-on-1 coaching with talented entrepreneurs, corporate executives and specialists. His global emergence and visibility as an international keynote speaker increased with media coverage by big publications from various corners of the globe. Global companies choose Philipp Kristian as a top keynote speaker in Singapore to help them maximise their innate innovation, creative and leadership potentials, become more trusted and own their digital transformation journey to build a bright digital future.
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