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Digital Disruption: Trusting the Future of Innovation

We are living amidst an interface revolution. We use digital interfaces to decide what to buy, where to stay and who to hire. Trust is flowing to digital interfaces and the data and technology powering them. Unfortunately, recent scandals have shown us how this trust can be abused. In an age of data, only the the most trusted players will thrive. This keynote explores what it takes to own your digital future. Reinvent your approach to trust, data and technology to stand out and stand the test of time.

  • Digital transformation and future innovation requires companies to rethink trust-building in the digital age.
  • As trust and value is flowing to digital interfaces and the data powering them, the best interface wins its market.
  • Trusted and trustworthy are different dimensions, and leading companies need to design and manage for both.

Walking the talk: In order for leading companies to stay ahead, they need to go where they’ve never gone before. Denkfabrik.Digital (DDX), established 1976, is a German innovation foundry for iconic global companies.


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