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Generation Greta: Trusting the Future of Sustainability

Conscious consumption is a global macrotrend. Companies with a purpose beyond profit are outperforming purely profit-driven competitors. The new generation of consumers is holding brands accountable for their actions. Customers are more willing than ever to pay a premium for sustainability. Smart brands, therefore, invest in harmonising commercial objectives with guardianship of people, planet and purpose. This keynote paints a vivid picture of reimagining corporations as custodians of the future.

  • Sustainability makes commercial sense and is pivotal to engaging the new generation of buyers.
  • Leaders of a more sustainable economy maximise trust, brand value and sustainable impact simultaneously.
  • The new trusted stakeholder engagement model focuses on action and transparency over words and promises.

Walking the talk: Creating a green future: GROVE allows anyone to digitally subscribe to a carbon-neutral lifestyle and put a stake in the ground for ecosystem preservation through mangrove reforestation and climate education.


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