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Hello Humanoid: Trusting the Future of Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence blurs the lines between humans and machines, we face pressing questions: Should we trust something we don’t understand? What are the appropriate governance approaches? For instance, would you entrust your life to a self-driving car? Should the car prioritise your safety and life or that of pedestrians? This keynote provides solution approaches to some of the most intriguing challenges humanity is facing today. Question your notions of deep technology and yield its full potential.

  • Our brains are highly algorithmic, and artificial intelligence is shaping a potent technology-driven equivalent.
  • Transparency and control need to be a priority of AI adoption to ensure progress that serves human interests.
  • Deep technology is about the surface – well designed, trusted human-machine interfaces are pivotal to success.

Walking the talk: Align yourself to a bright future in which human and machine intelligence coexist harmoniously: OxytocinAwards puts a spotlight on responsible leaders in their sectors who champion trusted and trustworthy human-technology interactions.


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