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Intuitive Innovation: Trusting the Future of Creativity

Innovation is often attributed to technology, when in fact it’s the result of a skill we are all born with: Creativity. Children exhibit it in spades, but as adults we often lose touch with it. How do we reconnect with our inner genius? Harnessing your creativity in business will make you more trusted and competent. Creativity gives you power to define the future. This keynote takes you on an intuitive and fun journey to our mind’s dormant talents. Upgrade your capabilities and champion the change you care about.

  • Discovering our inner creativity allows us to build trust in new ideas, create innovation and define the future.
  • Creative confidence helps us turn our ideas into reality and counteract stagnation and status quo bias.
  • Innovation results from creative problem solving, with technology as the enabler – not the other way around.

Walking the talk: Creativity education for the Future Economy: DESGx is a learning community empowering people to discover their creativity and build the next generation of entrepreneurship in Asia.

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