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Mental Monopoly: Trusting the Future of Customer Experiences

In a world where everything shouts for our attention, great brands understand the value of personalised customer experience. They invest in us and our needs by trusting us as much as we trust them. They think beyond short-term revenue and instant gratification. And help us with our biggest struggles: making choices that are good for us – and for the world – beyond scratching our daily itches. This keynote busts many myths surrounding customer experience. Discover a new approach to CX, created for the real world.

  • The world’s best brands create mental monopolies, making customers trust they have no equal alternatives.
  • Rebuilding trust in the global economy calls for brands to show genuine personalisation and care at scale.
  • The future of customer experience is about connecting what we desire with what is good for us in the long run.

Walking the talk: A luxe world of cha and spa: TENCHA碾茶 is a cosmopolitan luxury brand helping health aspirants find inner peace and wellbeing in exceptional experiences centred around some of the world’s rarest Japanese tea.

tencha matcha

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