Virtual keynote topics offering insight into our near future with COVID-19

Times are tough, but as I discovered through my clients, trust matters in good times and bad. I’ve been receiving lots of media requests and webinar enquiries from clients interested in a virtual experience around how we can make the most of the current times. In line with this I have created six webinar topics which will cover what lies ahead. Time that we create the future of work together and prepare to thrive post-crisis!

1. Accelerated agility: How can we operationalise agile transformation and future-proof our value chains with added urgency given COVID-19?
2. From the valley to the mountain: Managing our way out of the COVID-19 into a much more digitally enabled future
3. Frogs to princes: COVID-19 is accelerating the digital interface revolution and only the fittest interfaces will survive. What’s the right formula for success?
4. Innovation needs constraints: Why now could be one of the best times to champion customer-led innovation, and how to get it right
5. COVID-19 and Tech: How technology saves the day
6. Trust in times of COVID-19: Responsiveness matters, but proactiveness matters more in protecting the trust of stakeholders
Right now, our biggest priority is serving insight and encouragement to as many people as possible so that we can jointly win the fight against COVID-19. This is why I, just like many prolific speakers, am offering an entirely different fee benchmark for these sessions. We’re all affected, so I think it’s fair to take a hit and make quality content accessible and put it within reach of more organisations and people. Reach out to me directly or any of my official speaker bureaus (please note that I work with Saxton Speakers, London Speaker Bureau, All American Speakers, Key Speakers, SpeakersConnect, The Insight Bureau, Maria Franzoni Limited, Athenas, GoldenGap, Renegade, SpeakInc, Speaker’s Corner, The Outstanding Speaker Bureau and MySpeaker. Please do not work with Speaker Bureaus listing me without authorisation.
Thank you and speak soon!
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