Innovation and Digital Transformation Work

Philipp Kristian | Innovation Strategist and Keynote Speaker

‘Philipp is one of the most creative yet astute thinkers I have met in my many years as an investor and an entrepreneur.’
– Abhishek Gupta Co-Founder of Circles. Life

Philipp’s work can be seen and experienced around Singapore and the world. He named, branded and strategically positioned Singapore’s fourth telco Circles.Life, delivered the goods across 8-figure transformation engagements and designed innovation pipelines in different consulting and corporate roles.

Further, he was part of the team that pioneered on-demand gym booking in 2014 through Passport Asia. He also created the market entry strategy for one of Germany’s famous household luxury brands into Singapore. Prior to that he drove the customer experience and brand transformation of a major Asian bank and helped create the concept for a new insurance firm from scratch. At MetLife, he branded and named LumenLab, the company’s first global R&D lab and a key innovation function – now a household name in the industry. In Thailand, he designed Manulife Asia’s first digital direct-to-customer insurance proposition.

Across Asia, people book travel with TheLuxeNomad, for which Philipp contributed verbal branding and proposition strategy to resonate with its discerning clientele. For Esquire’s Meaning of Life issue, he wrote the ‘1000 words on our culture’ piece reflecting on his life in Singapore, inviting passionate responses from readers. In Fintech, Philipp worked with Smartly and BitofProperty on strategy and identity challenges. As one of two brains behind Change Bank in its early days, he positioned, named and branded the company’s bold inroads into changing the face of global banking. He also advised Doerscircle, supporting its audacious vision to build solutions that enable freelancers to enjoy the same benefits as corporate people. He also laid the foundation for Hourvillage, a global marketplace of services using time as its currency.

Philipp contributes his knowledge to universities in Singapore (SMU, SUTD) and Germany (HSB) as a visiting lecturer and as an invitee to innovation roundtables by public sector institutions such as A*Star (FutureScape 2025) and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (German Accelerator). He frequently takes on high-impact projects, and has been working with global clients for the better part of the past 11 years. Contact him to find out more.