Digital Innovation Strategy Leader and Author of The Trust Economy

Philipp believes trust drives our digital economy. He is a global keynote speaker on innovation, digital transformation and The Trust Economy.

‘Philipp is a rare talent. Vision, deep thinking, insight, connectedness and confident execution. He’s proven all.’
– Walter De Oude Founder and CEO of Singapore Life


Philipp is a co-founder of Greater Than X, a leading strategy practice on data and trust. He has spoken at TEDx, Facebook, Turner, MunichRe, Globe, Haymarket and many other eminent global organisations. Philipp is frequently booked for keynotes around the world, but equally likes to get his hands dirty in project work with Greater Than X’s clientele spanning Technology, Telecommunications and Finance. Prior, he designed innovation capabilities inside Fortune 500s in Asia and helped some of Singapore’s most successful start-ups (like Circles.Life) transform their industries. He has contributed to Esquire, Forbes, Economist Intelligence Unit and various industry publications. Philipp was named a WEF Global Shaper, Global KAIROS Fellow and St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow. You can reach him at [email protected]


‘Philipp is one of the most creative yet astute thinkers I have met in my many years as an investor and an entrepreneur.’
– Abhishek Gupta Co-Founder of Circles. Life

Philipp’s book, The Trust Economyexplains how technology is reinventing who, what and how we trust. Airbnb, Tinder, Alibaba, Carousell and other trusted digital technology platforms are rewiring our daily lives As technology is evolving trust, the economy is transforming with it. The effect is nothing short of a revolution. By explaining how trust is at the heart of all value creation and the core driver of global innovation, Philipp offers a new look at the business world we are so familiar with. The Trust Economy explains why everyone should develop a trust strategy to thrive in this day and age, and introduces a new method for effective trust building in the digital age.


‘Philipp is hands-down one of the most creative, energetic, and passionate innovators that I know, and have had the pleasure to work alongside. He has an infectious energy whether it is in a training workshop, out in the field for research, or in a strategic boardroom.’
– Leon Voon, Innovation Enablement Lead, LOFT Asia