Philipp deeply believes in making people trust each other: It creates a happier and healthier economy. As one of Asia’s youngest innovation strategists, he helps blue-chips and start-ups dominate their market in the digital age.

Philipp Kristian Diekhoener | Contributions and Coverage

Philipp deeply believes in making people trust each other: It creates a happier and healthier economy. As one of Asia’s youngest innovation strategists, he helps blue-chips and start-ups dominate their market in the digital age.

Philipp Kristian Diekhoener | Contributions and Coverage

He has shared event stages with the likes of Ban Ki Moon, Ken Robinson, and Niall Ferguson as a global authority on the Trust Economy. His book by the same name has been published in English, German and Chinese.


‘An invaluable framework for organisations to plan and design for trust.’

– Jin Kang, VP Group Customer Experience, OCBC Bank

Philipp’s work as an innovation and trust economist has earned him recognition as a WEF Global Shaper, St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow and KAIROS Global Fellow.

‘Striking, intellectually gifted, with a highly energetic and questioning mind.’

– Peter Smit, President EMEA, The Hershey Company

His impact can be experienced around Asia: At age 21, he joined FutureBrand as first innovation strategist in Asia, where he made principal contributions to the company’s biggest ever project, the transformation of a leading financial services giant. In the same year, he started hosting DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore, now the island’s most eminent social mixer event for the start-up ecosystem.

drink.entrepreneurs Singapore

‘Bags of talent, which allow him to deliver exceptional results.’

– Riccardo Ottolenghi, Executive Director Strategy, FutureBrand

Then he named, branded and strategically positioned digital telco Circles.Life, one of Singapore’s most successful start-up stories. At age 22, he began a stint as digital creative director, serving hospitality brands such as St. Regis and W Hotels.

Circles.Life Branding and Strategy

‘Philipp is one of the most creative yet astute thinkers I’ve met in many years as an investor and entrepreneur.’

– Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder, Circles.Life

At 23, he became a founder and branding mastermind behind lumenlab, MetLife’s first global R&D hub, now a household name in the industry.

lumenlab Singapore | MetLife

‘Philipp’s unflinching belief in innovation and disruptive technology is infectious.’

– Saif Siddiqui, Senior Manager, MetLife

Next, he co-established Manulife’s first digital business in Asia, a direct health insurance for the Thai market. He also worked on reimagining retirement in Japan and charting the future of Manulife MOVE.

Manulife Thailand Direct Health Insurance

‘Phil is, without doubt, one of the most impressive visionaries I have had the pleasure of working with. He is exceptionally skilled at not just technology, but the human element of innovation.’

– Bim Gutierrez, Chief Innovation Officer, Manulife Philippines

In 2018, Philipp left the corporate world to join the family business, Denkfabrik Digital (DDX), a German product and service innovation foundry with a 45-year track record. He serves as its Asia Managing Partner in charge of building the business across the region.

Denkfabrik Digital (DDX) | Innovation Foundry

Philipp is also CEO of OxytocinGroup™, a portfolio of brands solving capitalism’s toughest challenges and making humanity happier and wealthier.

‘Philipp is a rare talent. Vision, deep thinking, insight, connectedness and confident execution. He’s proven all.’

– Walter De Oude, CEO, Singapore Life

More by accident than by intent, Philipp has become a highly sought-after keynote speaker represented by some of the most prestigious speaker bureaus around the world. His keynotes are rich in content and entertainment, inspired by his whirlwind career and eclectic industry experiences.

His speaking work has taken him to over 20 countries, taking the stage at the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Zillow, Fujitsu, German Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy, Deloitte, Economist Group, World Congress of Accountants, MunichRe, Procter & Gamble, TechSauce Summit, Singapore Management University and TEDx, with a couple dozen yearly bookings.

‘Your talk at SGInnovate was excellent’

– Siyan Li, Analyst, McLaren

Philipp’s keynote topics include:

The Trust Economy – What it is, and how it’s transforming work, play and the global marketplace

In the last two decades, the internet has given us unprecedented innovation and change. Technology and data have reinvented everyday life. How? By reinventing who, what and how we trust. We happily stay in a stranger’s house or meet a partner online without even thinking twice. The companies that make this possibly have created digital trust intermediaries that changed the face of many industries. What implications does this carry for incumbents? How can you benefit from the Trust Economy? Understand one of the biggest socioeconomic shifts in human history, and how to thrive amidst it.

Of Trust Leaps and Mars-Shots – How we built Asia’s first digital telco from scratch

Many industries have high barriers to entry, and yet some start-ups manage to take them by storm anyway. When we built Circles.Life, the sheer ambition of launching a challenger telco electrified the team. When the founding team approached me to give the baby a name and chart the path for success, I was equally excited and perplexed. How could we launch a new take on the telco industry? Was it even possible to reinvent something as pervasive as a telco provider? This is the story of how we made Circles the innovation posterchild of the industry, all thanks to a simple, powerful idea and the courage to trust customers.

Do You Trust The Future of Work? – Transforming workplaces into high-performance, high-trust environments

The world’s most trusted teams and leaders do the best work. But today’s organisations are constrained by operating complexity, legacy structures, a plethora of rules and guidelines, cross-cultural misunderstandings and ever-increasing competitive pressures. How do you transform your workplace into a top-performing global village? How will you attract, empower and retain the kind of talent that helps you stay ahead of the pack? Learn about the crucial role trust plays in the future of work, and how to make it a reality in your company.

Mental Monopoly – Creating peerless products and services by designing for customer trust, and a six-stage process to get there

As Philip Kotler famously said; if you’re not a brand, you’re a commodity. The world’s most successful brands create mental monopolies, convincing customers that there is no alternative product to serve their needs equally well. This leads to more value creation for both brands and customers, and everyone wins. The iPhone and iPod achieved this for consumer electronics, the Mercedes S600 for executive cars, and countries such as Singapore and Switzerland for foreign investment. Trust is the ultimate differentiation strategy. Standing out with the most trusted brand will make people value you more than anyone else in business, and pay a premium for that privilege. But doing so is extremely hard without the right strategy and approach. How do you become the most trusted and valuable brand – and own your market? Understand how the six-stage Trust Economy framework helps you harness the differentiating power of trust, so you can create the kind of mental monopolies that engage and sell.

Data Trust Economy – Why trust is most crucial future differentiator for data-driven organisations, and how to lead with it

Data is the gold mine of the digital economy. In the global war for customer data, trust will be the most powerful and credible differentiator. Trust creates the best customer relationships, leads to privileged access to customer data, drives engagement and safeguards customer lifetime value. Technology companies are beginning to realise that developing a strategic lens on trust is extremely important to the future of their business. Meanwhile, data breaches and corporate scandals keep surfacing globally. How can you reap the commercial benefits of building a business around data without alienating your customers? Discover how the best data products and propositions benefit customers and companies alike, and how to create them in your context.

The Future Isn’t Something We Enter, It’s Something we Trust – Why trust is the crucial ingredient to innovation and change

Our world changes when trust collectively shifts from the status quo to something new. Innovation is ever so often attributed to technology, when in fact it’s a result of new experiences that we intuitively trust will make our lives better. Understanding the subtle trust dynamics behind change and innovation allows us to understand why certain things change, whilst others stay the same. But changing anything requires skill and persistence, as overcoming legacy and inertia is always a challenge. Assuming a trust perspective helps us understand how we as individuals and companies can make an impact in the world with value propositions that create new markets, new behaviours, new paradigms and greater value. Engage with a completely new way to look at your own sector, to develop an innovation and transformation strategy that really works.

In Digital We Trust – How digital interfaces are evolving trust across industries, and what this means for incumbents

A decade or two of innovation powered by the internet created a global data economy fronted by digital interfaces. We reshaped our lives around them, and it is almost unthinkable to imagine work and play without them. We are inclined to trust our digital utilities almost by default: Once something hits the mainstream, many of us willingly jump on the bandwagon. This has led to incredible progress, but it also has a glaring drawback: As we share our data indiscriminately and put our trust in the latest fintech or e-commerce, we don’t always hit a home run: Great digital interfaces easily fool us to purchase sub-par products against our better judgement. In the digital economy, the chasm between being trusted and being trustworthy is widening. This carries profound implications for many incumbent players facing the challenge of acting ethically and staying digitally relevant. As digital transformation hits established industries like flash floods, companies of all shapes and sizes need to rethink how they build trust with their stakeholders, design leading digital interfaces and embrace the new competitive dynamics brought about by the digital age. Find out how you can brave these developments, find new sources of customer value and stay trustworthy and trusted at the same time.

‘Gave us a fresh, eye-opening lens to key topics’

– Daniel van Treeck, Global Head of Strategy, Daimler Financial Services

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– Chartchai Panichewa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ThaiSri

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