A TEDx Storyteller & Fortune 500 Global Speaker: Stories for good and change for better. 

Innovation Swiss Army Knife and Leading Authority on Digital Trust. A Global Keynote Speaker & Author of The Trust Economy and RESET.

Success is always mutual. Connect and find out what working together will be like.

Thank you, Philipp, for an excellent keynote and conversation. I am so glad we had you. I look forward to continuing to staying in touch and working with you in the future. – December 2020, Flagship Conference and Events Manager, A National Financial Industry Association, Australia
We have received an outstanding feedback from all our viewers who have come back to us and shared how this has provided them opportunity to learn from the best in the world. –May 2020, Chief Marketing Officer, A Multinational Insurance Corporation, India
Philipp is a rare talent. Vision, deep thinking, insight, connectedness and confident execution. He’s proven all. –August 2018, Group CEO, A Multinational Insurance Corporation, Singapore
Your presentation caused a real mind shift for many as we contemplate and plan for our Vision 2030.–November 2019, CEO, A National Business Process Association, South Africa
Absolutely brilliant and thought-provoking keynote on the impact of trust on the future of work. Loved it! –September 2019, President, A National IT Services Industry Association, India
Your presentation was very outstanding. –May 2016, Chairman of the Board, A Financial Services Multinational, Thailand
Gave us a fresh, eye-opening lens to key topics. –November 2015, Global Head of Strategy, A Multinational Luxury Automotive Player, Germany
Your presentation on The Trust Economy blew me away! –October 2018, CEO, A Growth-Stage Technology Company, United States
Philipp is one of the most creative yet astute thinkers I’ve met in many years as an investor and entrepreneur. –April 2014, Co-Founder, A Regional Telecommunications Provider, Singapore 
One of the most impressive visionaries I have had the pleasure of working with. Philipp Kristian is exceptionally skilled at the human element of innovation. –July 2018, Chief Innovation Officer, A Financial Services Multinational, Philippines
Thanks so much for coming and sharing your wisdom. It’s people like you that will continue to inspire us! –July 2018, CEO, A Pension Fund, Malaysia
Thank you for surfacing intuitive truth and making it sound brilliantly obvious.. deeply eye-opening! –November 2020, Participant, Executive Education Programme, Singapore
Philipp is hands-down one of the most creative, energetic, and passionate innovators that I know. –July 2018, Design Lead, A Government Agency, Singapore

Every storyteller has a story.

Philipp Kristian believes we can become our best. When we are, so is what we create. This means we must invest in our future. Discover our hidden talents. Galvanise people and organisations to reimagine themselves and find greatness. That’s what an excellent keynote speaker should do.

Trusted by the best and brightest in business, he cares deeply about making our complex world more delightful. His work was instrumental to two Fortune 500 innovation labs. It helped shape two of Asia’s fastest-growing technology disruptors. It named and branded Circles.Life, one of Southeast Asia’s most successful digital businesses among the younger generation. With his international keynote speaking and advisory work, he creates the stages for purposeful change. Philipp Kristian is an innovation strategist at work, a futurist on stage and a passionate advocate for trust in the digital age. He’s a (hu)man on a mission, sharing stories for good and inspiring change for better.

This mission so far involved people in 50+ countries, including Bhutan and the Maldives. It’s involved audiences from 8 to more than 100,000 people at a time. Each engagement made an impact in its own way. Together, they made him one of the youngest truly global keynote speakers on the international circuit today. His voice is the voice of Gen Y and Gen Z, the future leadership of our planet and economy. We must understand their needs and build intergenerational bridges to our own.

Philipp Kristian graduated Cum Laude from University of Groningen and is an alumnus of d-school, famous for its Design Thinking education. He participated in the 2015 St. Gallen Symposium as a specially curated knowledge pool member. In 2016, he became a KAIROS Fellow. In 2018, he was named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. He teaches a landmark Executive Education Programme on Agile Transformation and Corporate Innovation for one of Asia’s top business schools. In his free time, he is an avid yogi and green tea aficionado.

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Is Philipp Kristian a virtual keynote speaker? Absolutely! He’s inspired hundreds of thousands virtually, this year alone. You can even count on help with a pro-grade streaming solution. Just ask.

When the world changes, we adapt. Philipp Kristian has had an eclectic career, as a keynote speaker and beyond. Besides frequent stints in front of the camera, this also included behind the scenes work. For example, he once directed a TV commercial featuring a national athlete, and shot several short films mostly covering life in East Asia. He’s also appeared as a commercial model, with clients ranging from Chanel to Caltex. This means he knows a thing or two about camera angles and lighting. It’s all a long story, best enjoyed over a (virtual) cup of coffee.

• A Storyteller and Global Keynote Speaker in Singapore
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