Trust Futurist & Innovation Strategist, TEDx Speaker & Author of The Trust Economy.

“You caused a real mind shift as we all contemplate and plan for our Vision 2030. Your message set the tone for the conference!” – CEO, BPESA

Trust Futurist & Innovation Strategist, TEDx Speaker & Author of The Trust Economy.

“You caused a real mind shift as we all contemplate and plan for our Vision 2030. Your message set the tone for the conference!” – CEO, BPESA

philipp kristian - trust futurist - keynote speaker - innovation strategist

Philipp is a Trust Futurist, Innovation Strategist, TEDx Speaker and Author of The Trust Economy. His work was instrumental to two Fortune 500 innovation labs and one of Asia’s fastest-growing technology scale-ups. He works with Fortune 500s, C-Suites and technology disruptors on building a brighter digital future. Moving beyond the corporate and startup world mid-2018, his work as a global keynote speaker and advisor spans over a dozen industries in 30+ countries including Bhutan and the Maldives. Philipp is an alumnus of the d-school and was named a St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow (2015), KAIROS Fellow (2016) and World Economic Forum Global Shaper (2018). He teaches a hallmark Executive Education Course on Transformation & Corporate Innovation at one of Asia’s top business schools.



Philipp Kristian shares his story of beating the average and enabling remarkable innovation and change for a better future. To him personally, it means the world.

Over a decade ago, this young Northern German ventured far and wide on a mission to discover and create greatness. Armed with exuberant ideas and enthusiastic creativity, he soon discovered many obstacles standing in the way of finding and achieving excellence. He pressed on, determined to shape things that would become better and better over time. It seemed near impossible to find a place in which the best reigned supreme. In search of the right environs, he eventually settled in a small island nation leading the way: Singapore.

As he began exploring this new territory, an insight revealed itself to him: To become number one at anything, the rest of the world has to trust one to be worthy of this position. Realising such profound truth, he made it his mission to empower as many great people, organisations and ideas as he could to succeed in becoming the number one in their respective fields.

Drawing on his own striving to build trust in the right things, he has turned his personal expertise in overcoming trust and innovation challenges into a book on the future of trust and our digital age at large. Inspired by his thinking and doing, many leading names from around the world have invited him since to share his perspectives and help them stay or become trailblazers.

These enquiries became so prolific that he bid farewell to his decade-long career as a trailblazer to focus on stories and strategies shaping a brighter future. Counting iconic brands on almost every continent among his clientele, Philipp Kristian is now advising on reimagining organisations to become truly extraordinary and overcoming the many hurdles to transformation. He is convinced embracing the Trust Economy will make us exponentially more innovative and successful.

He is most frequently asked to cover the Future of Work and Intergenerational Leadership, Technology and Data in the Digital Economy, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience, Industry Trends and his prolific insight into how the Trust Economy is changing business and society globally.




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